Why is Graham Stephan Blowing Up

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You’re not alone in wondering why all of the sudden your Youtube feed is stuffed with Graham Stephan videos and you can’t avoid hearing about his success around the web. Graham barely turned 30 years old so it’s no surprise that a strapping young lad buzzing with insightful real estate information and flaunting expensive vehicles is doing well.

The real question is how it happened so fast for Graham

The truth is it didn’t happen overnight, Graham has been uploading for the past three years and prior to his Youtube career, he was building his actual career in the real estate industry. As you can see in the screenshot below, the videos that were uploaded 3 years ago are much different from the videos he has gone on to create recently.

3 years ago Graham Stephans first Youtube uploads

How does Graham Stephan get half a million views per video?

It’s actually a pretty simple formula but he has executed it with his own unique flair and personality. Graham is following a few important principles when creating content for his Youtube channel. Take a look at the screenshot below of Graham’s recent video uploads.

Newest Graham Stephan videos

Besides the obvious change in views, we can see that Graham has also changed his process for how he creates content.

  • Pairing an image of himself with an emotional trigger
  • Appealing to the younger and older generation
  • Allowing others to take a look into his personal life
  • Using recency and relevancy to dictate content ideas
  • Giving practical advice that applies to the average joe
  • Leaning into the fear of missing out aka FOMO
  • Using trust factors such as past success and expensive cars

Why should you care about Graham Stephan’s success?

I wouldn’t go as far to say you need to care about his success, I mean high five to Graham, but more importantly take a moment to learn from his success. It’s not often we get to witness an “overnight” success and have all the breadcrumbs to follow our selves. That being said, Graham is a charming dude and that goes a long way. My last words on the matter is to be presentable, well-spoken and take the time to understand the pain of others.

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