Video Resources

Creating a video is no easy task and requires the right tools. Over the years we have found a few hardware and software solutions that have helped us create countless video content. Here’s a list of the best video resources for content creators.

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SoundStripe Music for Videos

SoundStripe has the absolute best collection of music you can use for your videos and it’s a fraction of what the “bigger guys” charge.

ScreenFlow Video Recording

This tool has been around forever and it is still my favorite for creating advanced screencast videos. I use ScreenFlow to record almost all of my online courses and it has never been easier.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

Once you’ve recorded your masterpiece, you need a way to cut and edit your video. We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit our own videos and it works great.

SanDisk Memory Card Video Camera

We always ran out of space until I upgraded to a larger memory card for our camera. Recording videos will take up a ton of space so it’s always good to have another memory card.

Elgato Green Screen
Elgato Green Screen (Collapsible)

Over the years I have personally purchased half a dozen green screens that never met my expectations .. until one day I came across the Elgato green screen. This is by far the best green screen solution for content creators.

GorillaPod Stand for Camera
Joby GorillaPod

This stand for your camera is extremely versatile for the price and perfect for video content creators.

Canon Video Creator Kit
Canon Video Creator Kit

This is all the base equipment for creating high quality content in one awesome kit provided by Canon.

Honorable Mentions