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647+ Best Power Words for Bloggers [2019 Update]

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All click-worthy titles have one thing in common — Power Words!

The next time you craft your titles or headlines, think about the emotions it will trigger.

Human beings are deeply affected by the unconscious mind and triggered subconsciously.

A study done by Harvard in 2012 found that humans first perceive via emotions.

Power Words

I created a list of 647+ Power Words you can use to craft amazing titles and headings.

These Power Words are based on Robert Plutchik’s Theory and the Wheel of Emotions.

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

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People get angry every day and sometimes it’s just one specific word in the right context that triggered their emotional response.

When you get angry your body is flooded with hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

The natural response to anger is to divert your blood to your muscles in preparation to fight.

Use an Anger Power Word from below within your title to frame a negative reaction.

Anger Emotion for Power Words

Aggravate Disturbed Restless
Agony Dreadful Revenge
Annoyed Enraged Salty
Annoying Fight Savage
Assault Force Scream
Atrocious Frantic Severe
Attack Frenzy Shatter
Battle Frustrating Shocking
Beat Furious Snarky
Bitter Grumpy Sour
Bold Hassle Tantrum
Break Hate Terrible
Bullishly Heated Touchy
Conflict Hijack Toxic
Corrupting Hostile Tragic
Crabby Insane Unhappy
Crazed Insult Unnerving
Crazy Malicious Unreliable
Cruel Offensive Unstable
Crush Outburst Uproar
Curse Outrageous Upsetting
Damaging Panic Vicious
Deadly Provoke Violated
Destroy Punch Violent
Disastrous Rabid Volatile
Disgusted Rage Wicked
Disputed Resentful Wrath


Feeling hyped for a new product launch?

In most cases, this “hyped” feeling is due to the anticipation emotional response.

You are looking forward to something, although your expectations remain neutral.

Anticipation Power Words are used to build momentum and create social buzz.

Anticipation Emotion Response

Accelerate Gather Prediction
Advance Goal Prevent
Announce Guide Promise
Anxiety Hope Quick
Astonish Hopeful Rapid
Avoid Hunch Reveal
Awaiting Hurry Reward
Beginning Hustle Rush
Bonus Hyper Signal
Build Idea Soon
Bustle Ignite Sprint
Considering Insight Streamline
Craving Inspiration Surprise
Delayed Inspiring Suspense
Discovery Kickstart Teaser
Eager Launch Tension
Early Learn Think
Enthusiasm Limited Today
Exclusive Little-known Understand
Expect Look-ahead Urge
Expecting Lust Urgent
Expedite Mystery Wait
Explained Now Warning
Express Optimism Watch
Fast Outlook Wishful
Forecast Passion Wonder
Future Plan Yearning


Have your friends ever told you stories about their drunken adventures?

More specifically, how their night ended — messy and vomit every where.

Just hearing that probably makes you cringe.

Disgust Power Words change the mood to “that’s just wrong…but I can’t look away”.

Disgust Power Word

Awful Sickening Putrid
Crappy Spoiled Undeserving
Creepy Taboo Worthless
Cringe Ugly Impure
Crude Uncomfortable Criminal
Dirty Vile Unappetizing
Disgraceful Vulgar Unsavoury
Disgusting Sloppy Dishonorable
Evil Grimy Slimy
Filthy Grungy Ungodly
Foul Tacky Blameworthy
Gross Frumpy Pathetic
Horrible Scandal Valueless
Icky Annoying Malicious
Junk Appalling Off-putting
Messy Dump Common
Nasty Smelly Unattractive
Nauseating Loathsome Naughty
Obscene Despicable Sleazy
Plague Offensive Trashy
Reject Bad Mediocre
Repelled Wretched Low-grade
Repulsive Obnoxious Humiliating
Revolting Horrid Unsightly
Rotten Dreadful Unwholesome
Shameful Corrupt Moist
Shitty Poor Regrettable


Have you ever read a scary story and decided to keep the hall light on .. just in case?

Why do we get scared from the words we read, it’s only a story — right?

Our subconscious has a fight-or-flight response hardwired, so by nature we are scared of danger.

Fear Power Words will make you feel an emotional response towards something you don’t want to happen.

Fear Power Word

Abusive Forbidden Savage
Aggressive Freaky Scam
Alarming Frighting Scary
Alert Ghostly Scathing
Assault Grave Self-destructive
Avoid Grim Shady
Beware Gruesome Shocking
Bloodcurdling Hair-raising Sinister
Brutal Harmful Soul-crushing
Caution Heart-stopping Soul-destroying
Chilling Hellish Spine-chilling
Crisis Hideous Steal
Cutthroat Hopeless Stolen
Dangerous Horrifying Stressful
Dark Hostile Terrifying
Daunting Lethal Threat
Deadly Life-threatening Toxic
Deathlike Miserable Trap
Deviant Monstrous Troublesome
Devilishly Morbid Unhealthy
Diabolical Nightmarish Unholy
Doomed Ominous Unknown
Doubtful Painful Unsettling
Emergency Poisonous Unspeakable
Evil Reckless Unworthy
Failure Risky Vulnerable
Fatal Sabotage Wicked


Your favorite baseball team was victorious and you get to brag at work tomorrow.

That is the feeling of joy and happiness that drives your actions.

Think about it, every time you are happy you want to share your news with the world.

But when we are sad, we’d rather crawl up in a blanket and watch Netflix all day in the darkness of our sorrows.

Try using Joy Power Words to drive people to take positive actions.


Joy Emotional Power Word

Absolute Exciting Love
Acceptable Exhilarating Lovely
Adorable Fabulous Lucky
Alluring Fantastic Nurturing
Amazing Favorable Paradise
Amusing Favored Playful
Astonishing Fortunate Pleasure
Awe-Inspiring Free Profitable
Beautiful Friendly Profound
Beneficial Fun Promising
Best Fun-filled Proven
Blessed Gifted Satisfy
Blissful Glorious Satisfying
Brilliant Golden Seductive
Buzz-worthy Good-humored Sparky
Cheerful Great Splendid
Chipper Greatest Stunning
Comfy Happiness Successful
Complete Healthy Thankful
Dazzling Heartwarming Thrilled
Definitive Helpful Triumphant
Delight Inspiring Upbeat
Devoted Jazzy Victorious
Effective Jubilant Wealthy
Energizing Laughable Well-off
Enjoyable Lively Wonderful
Entertaining Lovable Worry-free


You just got a message from your Mom, Skipper died..

.. and you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

That’s just sad, I don’t care who you are!

Hearing words like “died” makes us want to wallow in sorrow.

Sadness Power Words invoke a feeling of grief that make us feel bad.

Sad Emotion For Writing

Agonizing Flunked Shame
Awful Gloomy Shameful
Botched Grief-stricken Sluggish
Break Gut-wrenching Sorrow
Broken Hardship Soul-stirring
Cowardly Heartbreaking Stupid
Crisis Horrible Tear-jerking
Crushing Hurtful Tearful
Cutback Inferior Tearful
Dark Insecure Threatened
Dead Lacking Tormenting
Death Last Touching
Deceptive Loser Tragic
Decreasing Loss Troubled
Defeat Lowest Ugliest
Depressing Miserable Unbearable
Devastating Misery Unfortunate
Difficult Misfortune Unsettling
Disappointing Missed Unsuccessful
Disastrous Pathetic Upsetting
Disturbed Pitiful Useless
Dreadful Pointless Victim
Dying Poor Wasted
Embarrassing Poverty Wasting
Exhausting Problem Weepy
Expired Ruined Worst
Failure Sensitive Wrong


The anticipation has been building for months, but something amazing happens.

Without notice, your favorite TV show releases their new season on Netflix to binge!

Being unprepared for something will come as a surprise and leave us with our minds blown.

Use Surprise Power Words to shock your audience in a good or bad way.

Surprise Emotion

Alarming Exclusive Revelation
Amazing Exposed Rumor
Ambushed Extraordinary Scandal
Announcement Eye-opening Scoop
Astonishing Flabbergasted Secret
Astounding Fuzzy Shaken
Awe Gift Shell-shocked
Baffled Impressed Shocking
Bewildered Impulsively Spectacular
Bewitching Jaw-dropping Speechless
Blindsided Jolted Spoiler
Blown-away Little-known Startling
Boggling Lost Striking
Bombshell Marvel Stunned
Breathtaking Mesmerizing Stunning
Busted Mind-blowing Suddenly
Captured Miracle Swiftly
Caught Mystify Terrific
Challenging New Traumatized
Complex Open-mouthed Unaware
Confused Perplexed Unexpected
Dazed Problematic Unexpectedly
Devastated Puzzled Unforeseen
Discover Quickly Unnerved
Discovery Remarkable Unprepared
Enlightening Reveal Wide-eyed
Exciting Revealing Won


A random stranger walks up to you and asks to borrow money, what do you say?

Psssh .. heck no, that’s my hard earned money stranger!

Although, your best friend asking for money is different and you know they are “good for it”.

Why is your best friend more trustworthy?

They earned your trust and proved themselves to be trusting.

Trust Power Words help to earn trust by invoking a sense of credibility.

Trust Power Words

Absolutely Freedom Realistic
Accurate Genuine Recommended
Assurance Good Reliable
Authentic Greatest Research
Authority Guarantee Results
Backed Guard Risk-free
Bank Holy Safe
Believe Honest Science
Beneficial Honorable Secure
Best Improved Senior
Best-seller Ironclad Seriously
Certain Leader Solid
Choice Legitimate Stable
Confident Loyalty Strategy
Correct Master Success
Credit Maximum Supreme
Easy Natural Tangible
Effective Organic Tested
Elite Original Top
Exactly Perfect Top-grade
Excellent Preferred True-life
Expert Premium Trustworthy
Fact Professional Truthful
Faith Profitable Undeniable
Favorite Proven Validated
First-class Quality Verified
Formula Real Victory


I hope this guide helps you find the right power words to use in your titles and headlines.

The best power words trigger the expected emotional response and captivate the reader.

Bookmark this page and come back every time you create new content that requires a title.

If you have any power words you think would be beneficial let me know in the comments.

Good luck on your road to enriching your titles with these 647+ Power Words!


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