Podcasting Tools

Starting a podcast can be difficult without knowing what podcasting gear of software to use, that’s why we put together to kickstart your podcast.

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BuzzSprout Best Podcast Hosting

BuzzSprout is hands down the best podcast hosting platform that makes it easy to syndicate your podcast episodes to all major listening platforms.

Adobe Audition Podcast Editing
Adobe Audition

I used to use free software to edit my podcast episodes, but it always sounded bad and took forever. Now, I use Adobe Audition and I’m able to remove unwanted sounds in a few clicks.

Podcasting USB Audio Interface
USB Audio Interface

You’re going to need one of these if you’re recording on your computer. This audio interface is perfect for podcasting, it’s crystal clear sound and easy to connect.

Podcasting Mic AT2020
Podcasting Microphone

If you’re starting your podcast, this is the mic I would highly recommend. Obviously you could spend more and get the Shure SM7B, but this mic will sound great for the price.

Smart Podcast Player for Podcasting
Smart Podcast Player

If you’re looking to add awesome podcast player to your website, you should try the Smart Podcast Player.

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