Black Friday Wishlist for Marketing Professionals

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If you’re like me, you plan to ditch the crowds this year and do your Black Friday shopping online. As a digital marketer, I find myself scouring the internet for good deals or even better, a lifetime deal. 

My Black Friday Wishlist

I’ve decided to post this Black Friday wishlist to give you an idea of the marketing deals and business software deals that are either going to happen, happening or I wish would happen. That being said, I will update this post if any of these deals become available now through Black Friday.


This tool helps you find internal linking opportunities by suggesting what text you should link to an internal page. It’s a WordPress plugin I plan on using and hope it goes on sale this Black Friday.

LinkWhisper Internal Linking SEO Tool

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast is the industry standard when it comes to WordPress SEO plugins and I’d love to upgrade from the free version to the paid “Premium” version which includes a ton of helpful features.

Yoast SEO Plugin


By far my favorite managed web hosting solution, which basically, sits on top of your server of choice and pulls all the strings. It’s pretty fantastic how easy and seamless it is for me to launch a new WordPress website, set up backups and within minutes have a cloned staging environment that allows me to push approved changes to a live production website.

CloudWays Website Hosting

SEO PowerSuite

There are many SEO tools to choose from, although, I personally think I’d get the biggest bang for my buck after experience what the trial had to offer. Whether you work with clients, have multiple websites or just need help to grow your website, this tool seems to be the SEO swiss army knife.
SEO PowerSuite


This on-page SEO analysis tool seems to be a promising addition to my arsenal. I think what I like about SurferSEO is that it will analyze the major data points from the top pages to give data-driven suggestions to help me rank higher much faster.
Surfer Data Driven SEO Tool


I use this tool every day and it can be a lifesaver, especially when you tend to need a little help with your writing skills. The best part for me is the browser extension that I install once and the helpful suggestions follow me wherever I go online. It’s also important to note that the premium version comes with plagiarism detection, which is great when working with contract writers.
Grammarly App


I like buffer, it makes it easy for me to post social content all in one place. One of my favorite features is that it can adjust my posting windows based on the engagement I receive from my followers.
Buffer Social Posts


This tool is rad, it basically allows you to see what ads your competition running and what keywords they are targeting in recent campaigns. SpyFu gives me insight into what works for other sites, without having to spend thousands of ad dollars A/B testing myself. Just like SimilarWeb, but at a fraction of the cost, I can swipe my competitor’s top advertisements.
SpyFu PPC & SEO Tool


Probably one of the better tools for backlink analysis and content research. This tool has been recommended by many SEOs and I’d love to get it for a lower cost.
Ahrefs Backlink Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool helps you crawl thousands of web pages and gives you real-time information. It’s a great way to do a website audit and pop the virtual hood to see how things are going.
Screaming Frog SEO Crawler Sitemap Analysis


This looks like a cool lite alternative to ClickFunnels and Shopify for my smaller digital products. I’d love to try SamCart out for basic sales pages for the one-click upsells, payment plans and order bump features.
SamCart 1-Click Checkout App


Another alternative software for my one-page checkouts, ThriveCart looks decent. If there is a good deal, I might have to pick this one up but personally I think SamCart looks a bit more polished as far as the user interface goes.

ThriveCart eCommerce Checkout Pages



I have been eyeballin’ this tool for a while now, I need a better way to find influencers to help build my network and NinjaOutreach looks great. If the right deal pops up, I will definitely pick this one up. I’m excited to use it for link building and general outreach for my personal blogs.
Outreach Tool for Link Building


This is another tool I’d like to try, I think it will improve my outreach efforts for cold emailing. MailShake makes it easy to personalize emails but more importantly plan drip follow-ups based on actions and data.
MailShake tool for outreach and email automation


This software is similar to MailShake outreach tools but it has a better way to quickly plan out the next course of action for you and your team.
Reply App growth hacking tool


A Mac app for recording audio, I use this tool for podcasting and it is super helpful.
Piezo Mac App for Recording Audio


I use TermsFeed to generate legal agreements, it’s a great way to cover your bases at a minimal cost if you’re a newly established business owner or sole proprietor.
TermsFeed Legal Agreement Generator

Swyft Filings

Starting an LLC or doing anything in a legal manner can be overwhelming. I use Swyft Filings to start businesses and get legal help online at a fraction of the traditional costs.
SwyftFilings Legal Services


Whether you’re making a quick Youtube video, making an explainer video or recording your screen for a new course, ScreenFlow has got your back. I am hoping Telestream offers an upgrade deal this year.
Screenflow Editor

Adobe Stock

This service is super helpful for finding stock photos for blog posts and client websites, although, it has become too expensive and I’m hoping they have a huge discount for Adobe Stock this year.
Adobe Stock Photo Subscription


I’ve needed good commercial-use music ever since I started recording podcasts, videos, and courses. SoundStripe is truly the best option for creatives to be able to have access to a massive library of audio that doesn’t sound stock.
Soundstripe Royalty free audio for commercial use


I used to use LuckyOrange because it was like $10 a month until it started slowing down all my sites. I tested out HotJar and it works great for heatmaps, scroll analytics, tracking actions and even getting recordings of visitors on my site. We need a HotJar discount or a lifetime deal.
HotJar Website Monitoring Tool


MailChimp was the gold standard for the past years and then Convert came along and started focusing on the user and not the list. Huge fan of ConvertKit for my email marketing efforts and would love to see a deal for ConvertKit this year.
Convertkit email marketing


I was just at PodFest not long ago and had a chance to speak with the Aweber team. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they have changed, it looks like it would be great for growing my lists. If there is a deal I will definitely give it a try.
Aweber Email Autoresponder


Honestly, this is the best WordPress plugin when it comes to fixing your website speed issues. All the standard caching efforts but cranked up to eleven then sprinkled with many additional helpful features.
WP Rocket


I have used BackupBuddy for peace of mind redundancy and also for website migration. It’s been helpful for automating backups locally and to the cloud.
Wordpress Backup Plugin


In the past, I used Visual Composer to edit WordPress pages and posts. It was great because it gave me the ability to create rows, columns and even add magical components to bring the pages to life. Well, Elementor takes that to another level and it is truly the greatest visual WordPress editor I have used, it’s masterful.
Elementor WordPress Visual Editor


When clients ask what’s the best way for them to ensure their website stays safe, I recommend Wordfence as the first step since it is easy to set up and has plenty of helpful features. In my opinion, it is by far one of the best security plugins for WordPress.
Wordfence Security Plugin

WP Offload Media

I used to store all my photos on the same server I run WordPress, now I use WP Offload Media to store on AWS cloud server so it is faster and not putting stress on my server.
WP Offload Media

WP Offload SES

It’s pretty important to have a third-party mailing service when it comes to sending emails from your WordPress site. WP Offload SES takes advantage of the low-cost Amazon mailing services and improves deliverability.
WP Offload SES


This plugin makes it way easier to resize and optimize large images on the fly. Once you set it up you don’t really have to do anything else within your WordPress website.
Imagify Resize WordPress Photos on demand


This software seems like a great alternative to ClickFunnels since it has even more funnel flexibility. When I had the opportunity to try Karta out myself, I enjoyed the step-by-step process of setting up an advanced funnel and checkout.
Kartra Checkout Funnel Builder


I’m a huge fan of providing leads with an incentive and Beacon makes it easy to turn anything into a lead magnet PDF. Personally, I have used Beacon to create downloadable PDFs that were automatically generated from a blog post.
Beacon Lead Magnet Creator


This is another backlink tool that allows you to monitor your outreach progress. Having tried many backlinks tools, MonitorBacklinks has been more than effective and has a great user-interface.
MonitorBacklinks Dashboard

Data Miner

Whether you’re trying to scrape google results or find LinkedIn users, Data Miner helps you scrape paginated results fast. I enjoyed having the ability to use publicly created recipes for scraping jobs.
Data Miner Scraping Platfom

Interest Explorer

If you do any Facebook marketing, this could be a cool tool to help you find the right interests to target. I wouldn’t mind trying InterestExplorer if it goes on sale.
Interest Explorer Facebook Marketing


Another outreach tool that helps you find, verify email addresses and set up automated drip campaigns. I haven’t tried this one but it looks promising.
Snov Email Scraper


Many growth hackers who have been trying to get an edge on the marketing competition have been using PhantomBuster. Create and use automation templates to generate leads and more. I’d love to try this tool and see what all the noise is about.
PhantomBuster Growth Hacking


If you’re a fan of exit-intent popups or email sign up forms, in general, you’d enjoy ConvertPro. What I like is that I can embed on any website like OptinMonster, but it is much more affordable.
Convert Pro capture leads popup creator

Affiliate Coupons

I am currently using this plugin on this website and it works well, although I’d love to try the paid version. The PRO features seem to be worth it and would allow me to customize my coupon code widgets even further.

WP Coupons

I like the way WP Coupons displays coupons on WordPress websites and how easy it is to set up. I’d love to check this tool out for adding more deals to my WordPress websites, it is easy to add right from the WP dashboard.


All of the review based systems are too expensive and they are just plain ugly. Endorsal makes it easy for my clients and customers to fill out reviews and it looks great when I embed it on my website as well.


I would save a fortune by replacing alternative email marketing and list building tools by switching to EmailOctopus. This tool makes it easy to collect emails on your website and send direct or drip email campaigns. You just can’t beat the price, I will definitely be checking this one out.


This funnel checkout builder makes selling, upselling and downselling easier than most software on the market. It looks pretty awesome and I’d love to give it a try myself.


If you come from the corporate world you’ve probably had to do many mailmerges and it is a pain. MailMetor makes personalized mail merges within Gmail a breeze.


I have never seen a tool like Placid, it creates social images and featured images automagically from your post. I believe it uses AI to determine which photos to use and uses your content as the headline. We all know how much of a pain it can be to make featured blog images when we are not designers.


Similar to other outreach tools I have mentioned, Hunter helps you find email addresses from websites and more. I will say, it was one of the first mainstream tools for email scraping and it seems to be refined.


Another SEO tool to try out, I like the user interface and the ease of use. Looks to have many options for working with clients and utilizing these metrics on a Whitelabel scale, which is great for offsetting the cost for my own use.


When it comes to giveaway apps, Gleam has really made a name for itself. Most of the top brands use Gleam and I’d love to see why it’s the top choice, it does seem seamlessly integrate with the top social accounts.

Tutor LMS

I might want to use this Learning Management System for future courses. Tutor LMS seems to have all the bells and whistles for what I’m looking to do and creating a course seems to be very easy.


There are many tools I’d like to try or already love and want to upgrade my package tier. I’m committed to finding the best Black Friday deals for marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners. I will keep this post up to date with the best deals and please leave a comment below if I missed a great deal!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means I could make a commission from your purchase.

Drew has spent years building software, selling physical products online, and providing expertise to companies such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, and many more. Throughout his career, Drew has learned extremely powerful marketing and SEO strategies that have helped him increase traffic and acquire more customers.

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